Here is a fun/terrible thing! If you search for "iTunes" in Google, the top sponsored result is something called (don't go there), which is nothing but a festering rat king of malware.

As discovered by Whitenoise contributor djublonskopf, this clever and evil ad placement is probably why your relatives' new laptops are suddenly under attack by scores of pop-up ads and other vile, computer-crippling software. Similar searches for popular downloads like Photoshop, Microsoft Word, SimCity, and Winamp (!) showed no similar trickery.

In the interests of parity, a Bing search for "iTunes" first showed no trickery, then showed much trickery:


Just so we're perfectly clear, Google's algorithm isn't pushing these gross jerks to the top; the gross jerks are buying their way up (although Google should still probably maybe try to stop that sort of thing from happening?). And if you use AdBlock, you'll never see them. But consider this fair warning that you should probably not trust random downloads, Google ads, Bing, the internet in general, your computer, the NSA, or anyone/anything ever at any time.

Also, frankly, serves you right for using iTunes in the first place.