The 25 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix on New Year's Day

At the stroke of midnight—or somewhere around then—on New Year's Eve, while you're sloppily waving goodbye to 2014, dozens of movies will disappear from Netflix streaming. The good news is, you've got plenty of time to get to plow through them before The Great Vanishing. Here's a list of the very best that won't make… » 12/15/14 3:22pm Monday 3:22pm

​The Sony Hacks Are Goddamn Terrifying

As more and more details from the Sony Pictures hack seep out into the internet, it's been easy—and to be honest a little fun—to take the voyeur's view. Dumb corporate powerpoints! Passwords in a folder literally called Password! Paul Blart 2 anything! But then you actually look at the full scope of what's out there. » 12/09/14 3:39pm 12/09/14 3:39pm

This will end up being one of our biggest traffic weeks of the year, which gives us great momentum heading into the holidays. That's thanks in large part to a terrific post by Pamela Ribon about the dumbification of Computer Engineer Barbie that we were able republish after her site went down, and to the snow wall… » 11/21/14 5:04pm 11/21/14 5:04pm

Largely agree, although would point out he's not saying they're perfectly safe, just that they're safer than cigarettes. We also excluded several points from the original list that we didn't feel comfortable running here. Still, we've added a disclaimer and a big ol' link to that post up top. » 11/19/14 11:24am 11/19/14 11:24am

In what way is Andrew being hypocritical here? Or even puritanical? There's a dearth of women in science, and it's a valid viewpoint to say that the shirt he was wearing might not make it a comfortable workplace for people who aren't dudes. » 11/14/14 12:39pm 11/14/14 12:39pm

A Creepy Website Is Streaming From 73,000 Private Security Cameras

It shouldn't be so easy to peer into a stranger's bedroom, much less hundreds of strangers' bedrooms. But a website has collected the streaming footage from over 73,000 IP cameras whose owners haven't changed their default passwords. Is this about highlighting an important security problem, or profiting off creepy… » 11/10/14 4:52pm 11/10/14 4:52pm

Amazon surprised everyone this week with a weird little speaker that responds when you ask it stuff. Kelsey did a great job breaking down why that's a big deal. Amazon also added unlimited photo storage, which is a crazy thing to do but great for people who hate paying money for things. » 11/07/14 7:08pm 11/07/14 7:08pm