Exclusive: Fitbit Charge and Charge HR Images and Full Features List

After earlier reports that Fitbit may be working on two new activity trackers, a tipster has sent us what appears to be official marketing materials that give us our first clear look at both the Fitbit Charge and Charge HD. Not only do we have a full feature rundown for each of these trackers, but the cleanest look… » 10/14/14 2:38pm 10/14/14 2:38pm

Dropbox Delete Your Files? You Might Get a (One Year) Free Pro Upgrade

Earlier today, news came that Dropbox had deleted user files from the cloud. While it's going to restore some of them, it can't bring them all back to life. But it can, according to an email published at Engadget, offer those who lost digital detritus a year's worth of Dropbox Pro to make up for it. » 10/13/14 9:29am 10/13/14 9:29am

The iPhone 6 Is Somehow the Only Decent Non-Giant Phone Left in America

Today, Sony passed on an opportunity to bring its 4.6-inch Sony Z3 compact to the United States, at least for the foreseeable future. With it went any hope of finding a quality smartphone here that doesn't feel like stuffing a butter dish in your pocket, outside of the iPhone 6. » 10/09/14 3:28pm 10/09/14 3:28pm

Fun stuff going on this week, starting with the new GoPro Hero4 camera. We were one of the few pubs that had it in advance of the announcement, so we were able to run some in-depth hands on impressions. The other big tech news was Windows 10, which we covered live, got quick first impressions on, applauded for being … » 10/03/14 3:38pm 10/03/14 3:38pm

Lamborghini Might Make a Hybrid Supercar With a Ridiculous 910HP

The Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 is just a concept at this point, but if Lambo can pull it off, it'll be one of the most—maybe the single-most—powerful hybrids in the world. Our gearhead friends at Jalopnik have the full rundown below. » 10/01/14 4:24pm 10/01/14 4:24pm

A busy week at Gizmodo! We reviewed a big iPhone and an even bigger iPhone. They are both very good iPhones, except that one of them bends in your pocket or if you decide to break it with your bare hands like a lunatic. We found the best possible explanation for that, even before Consumer Reports did. We also managed… » 9/26/14 10:13pm 9/26/14 10:13pm